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  1. Hi Arvy! Found your System configuration page and, indeed, your Ivy Bridge setup (and its associated RAM) should be more than enough for your VirtualBox testing.

    I’ll be in touch!

    1. Okay. Thanks for your very generous help with the VMWare on Linux Mint question, Froggie. By all means in your own good time, I look forward to your conclusions.

  2. Dear Richard,

    i used in the past a older Version of script, desgined by you “NetQuery”, now i want to create a new page and embed your perfect solution for Troubleshooting. But the Link to get the script “http://virtech.org/tools/” are no longer works. Please you can enable it again for the lastest Version or send my a message if you want.

    Many thanks for your Support

    1. Sorry, Peter, but my old “NetQuery” project has long since been abandoned and is no longer available for downloading. Unfortunately it’s not possible to remove that link from all of the old “Netquery” installations everywhere. I kept a referral page for several years but dropped that too a long time ago.

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