Hello and welcome to my personal web site. My primary registered domain is virtech.org. Alternatively, rvirtue.org and rvirtue.net can also be used to access this web site and all of its resources.

In general, this site is merely a retirement hobby. Most content here will have little interest for anyone except myself. It includes a brief personal background profile and a major amount of information about my system set-up and its networking configuration, including off-site links for convenient access to related technical resources and support. The network status information and test utilities help me to keep a watchful eye on my Internet services. The rest is just my idea of some “spare time fun” with site development toys and experiments.

You are entirely welcome to browse here nevertheless. You may find some of the links and network utilities handy. And feel free to say hello and leave a note on the comments page while you’re here.

Regards and happy browsing,
Richard Virtue