If you are curious about the web site itself, see the Networking Page for details regarding its domain registration and hosting. Regarding the site owner-adminstrator, I’m retired after 35 years of federal government service and now live on my own with only my dog “Rocky” for companionship. (Location Map) It will be no surprise that my personal interests include networking and information technologies. Here are some others.

The Outdoors: I grew up in Parry Sound, Ontario, near the Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. Great cottage country! Now I’m retired in the area where I enjoy camping, boating, fishing, swimming and just lazy relaxing by the lakeshore.

Horses: Western pleasure riding and camping on horseback are amongst my favorite hobbies. Trying to pack everything you need for a week into a couple of saddle bags and a bedroll can be a very interesting challenge to say the least.

Travel in Canada: What a great country! So many Canadians see much of the rest of the world and little of their own land. If you haven’t visited Canada’s Rockies, you’ve missed some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable.